Dearest Friends,
We’re looking for a variety of personal and professional stories about your relationship with alcohol, if you have an image to include then even better! At the moment we’re focusing on people who live or have stories about time spent in the UK. Your story can be about anything alcohol related.
Here are some examples…
  • An occasion enhanced by drinking
  • A professional experience with alcohol
  • Something bad that has happened as a result of drinking
  • An interesting cultural/historical story about drinking
  • A story about your favourite drink
  • Your first experience with alcohol
  • Why you gave up/why you never would
  • A tale about your favourite watering hole
  • Problems caused by drinking
  • How you think your geographic location has effected your habits
  • How having a family has changed your relationship with alcohol

Please include:

  • Your Story (100-500 words as a guide)
  • We encourage images of real life objects / poems / videos / any media you choose to express yourself through
  • Any related images
  • First Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Occupation
  • Where you’re from
  • Where you live now
  • Your drinking habits
You do not have to provide all of the personal information requested and it will only be included if you’re comfortable with it.
Send to 
Keep it reasonably clean!
I’ll keep a record of your contribution and will send you an invitation when the museum opens in real time.
Thank you ever so much,