Cinnamon Girl  My Japanese friend has learnt some bad English from me. She says that this is what she came here to learn. Often, when meaning “thanks” or “goodbye” I say “cheers.” She… Continue reading

Being pregnant has…

I was a big drinker since the age of about 15 onwards, growing up in my home town of Halifax there wasnt very much to do, everyone within my age group drank a… Continue reading

An Englishman in Saudi Arabia

The Saudis knew that all the ex-pat Brits brewed their own booze but, as long as we kept it inside our compounds and didn’t involve the locals, they turned a blind eye. The… Continue reading

Seven Day Drunk by Bryony Kimmings

‘Bryony Kimmings is NOT an alcoholic. But she has always had a rocky relationship with booze. It seems the dark stuff is intrinsically linked to her confidence as an artist as well as… Continue reading

The Truth About Drinking

“The Truth About… Drinking” covers the controversial topic of Social Drinking. Can Christians engage in social drinking? What constitutes drunkenness? Sooner or later, most of us find ourselves facing moral, social, and ethical… Continue reading

The art world – a champagne lifestyle…?

Photograph by Chris King I can only imagine the number of full time artists and gallerists who have received the following response when they tell non-art world people their chosen career path: “You… Continue reading

5 Ways to stop drinking too much

As a shy teenager growing up in the North of England I drank alcohol as a recreational sport, to overcome shyness and because it was ‘the done thing’. Alcohol and partying consumed our… Continue reading

Alcoholic Memories, a poem

Alcoholic memories Brandy in hot water, to fend off ill health; “Hot toddies” to aid sleep, when “full of a cold” Wine mixed with water, for the children of the house; “Snowballs” and… Continue reading

Oh, I have been drunk. All kinds of drunk.

Oh, I have been drunk. All kinds of drunk. I have curled up beneath the heavy horse blanket of a bottle of port. I have sharpened my tongue on glasses of white and… Continue reading

The Gods of Alcohol

In alphabetical order I present to you, drum roll please… the gods of alcohol. Dionysus (Bacchus), Greek God Dionysus, Romanised as Bacchus, was the god of grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual… Continue reading