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What are schools teaching our children?

We asked an anonymous teacher for their perspective… The whole issue is funding. I don’t know what it’s like in other schools but ours is really suffering. I think we also had a deficit… Continue reading

Mental Health Practitioner – Korsakoff’s Syndrome

My current role is as a Mental Health Practitioner in a rehabilitation team that provide therapy input for elderly community patients with physical disabilities e.g. broken bones from falls. The role is to… Continue reading

An Englishman in Saudi Arabia

The Saudis knew that all the ex-pat Brits brewed their own booze but, as long as we kept it inside our compounds and didn’t involve the locals, they turned a blind eye. The… Continue reading

The art world – a champagne lifestyle…?

Photograph by Chris King I can only imagine the number of full time artists and gallerists who have received the following response when they tell non-art world people their chosen career path: “You… Continue reading

A Doctor’s Story…

As a doctor I have seen for myself the physical & emotional consequences of drinking. From the drunken fights, fractures, sprains & stitches to alcohol withdrawal & confusion & not forgetting the depression… Continue reading

A Royal Mess

Dining in nights are a great tradition in all arms of the forces as it gives everyone a chance to get togged up in our finest, eat good food, drink good wine and… Continue reading