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Tales of (and from) Tequila

At the age of eighteen I travelled to Mexico alone in search of a holiday and to have some fun. I never imagined this experience would be any sort of transformative or life-altering… Continue reading

My Dad encouraged me to drink…

Before, I used to think alcohol was cool but it actually really isn’t. My parents let me have whatever I want with them, at first I was like “really?!” but having drank breezers,… Continue reading

I encourage our daughter to drink…

When I was growing up, Alcohol was lot as freely available as it is now. An off licence was the one and only place that take away alcohol was purchased, other than if… Continue reading

Painbirds. A poem

Paul Hawkins Paul, 49, Bournemouth Poet and Curator of Untold Boscombe Drinking Habits: Recovering Alcoholic

The Unbearable Shortness of Pudding

I haven’t eaten a Yorkshire pudding in more than a year. They’re in short supply where I live now, and that’s a shame because, for me, that little pudding was the crisp full… Continue reading

I’d miss building careful, grand, drunken plans…

Growing up in Manchester and my early days of socialising being played out like more a competition of consumption, I don’t know if I have now found myself in a place where I… Continue reading

A rather northern Western

There was in times past a bar in Grasmere which could on reflection have been a perfect setting for a Western movie. It had a boardwalk the length of the outside, in the… Continue reading

Being pregnant has…

I was a big drinker since the age of about 15 onwards, growing up in my home town of Halifax there wasnt very much to do, everyone within my age group drank a… Continue reading

An Englishman in Saudi Arabia

The Saudis knew that all the ex-pat Brits brewed their own booze but, as long as we kept it inside our compounds and didn’t involve the locals, they turned a blind eye. The… Continue reading

5 Ways to stop drinking too much

As a shy teenager growing up in the North of England I drank alcohol as a recreational sport, to overcome shyness and because it was ‘the done thing’. Alcohol and partying consumed our… Continue reading