Tales of (and from) Tequila


At the age of eighteen I travelled to Mexico alone in search of a holiday and to have some fun. I never imagined this experience would be any sort of transformative or life-altering gap-yah experience, and it wasn’t. Nevertheless, it did change my attitude to alcohol and to spirits in particular, because I found out that high-proof alcohol didn’t have to be cheap and gut-wrenchingly disgusting. Instead it could be bloody delicious.

This all came about because I decide to visit Tequila, home of… Tequila. Probably like most people, my previous experience of this drink had only indicated that it was pretty awful stuff; nasty, cheap and drank more for the lime-salt ceremony than for taste. However, visiting some small Tequila distilleries and trying artisan Tequila was a revelation. It was delicious! Different varieties were endlessly complex in their flavour-range and there was no cruel and damning aftertaste so reminiscent of the spirits I had drunk before.

Taste aside, my experience of the other effects of Tequila was all too familiar. Predictably, I drank far, far too much, even drinking it through one of those chug-tube things designed by evil people. Falling about the place and throwing up several times, it’s probably the drunkest I have ever been and my memory of the experience is a little (extremely) hazy.

However, I did not forget that I had tasted gold and I was not put off spirits but turned on to them. Since that day, I have developed an amateurish but dedicated interest in premium spirits and I have a knowledge of cocktails developed after working in a variety of bars. I rarely go a couple of days not drinking a damned tasty concoction. I’ve also recently started making my own liqueurs, which, to my great surprise actually taste ok! For better or for worse, I have that day in Tequila to thank for my booze obsession. Long may it continue.

Alex, 24, Male, Bar Staff / looking for other work

From: Broadway – a Village in Worcestershire

Lives: London

Drinking habits: Drink to get drunk and I love cocktails and premium spirits.