My Dad encouraged me to drink…

Bacardi breezer

Before, I used to think alcohol was cool but it actually really isn’t. My parents let me have whatever I want with them, at first I was like “really?!” but having drank breezers, wkds, etc… I’ve never touched them again. I had my first and last hangover.. .. It was horrible and I hated the feeling. My parents always ask, now, if I want a drink but I always refuse. Since I’ve become more healthier, I’ve read loads of articles on alcohol and what affects it can have to you. I find that alchopops are the worst because when you have them, they just taste like fizzy fruity things and you don’t realize what your drinking. So if I ever do have a drink with my parents (very rarely now) I have “real” drinks, beer or wine. I think that parents, should let teenagers have a drink sometimes, let them experience the nasty effects, so when they hit 18 they’re not going straight out to buy vodka. Gone through my experiences of it, I know that I don’t feel the need to drink and feel older. I don’t really want to drink again. I can’t imagine myself going out every night and drinking loads and getting drunk. It just isn’t appealing to me anymore.

Katie, 15, Student

From England

Lives France