Being pregnant has…

pregnant with drink

I was a big drinker since the age of about 15 onwards, growing up in my home town of Halifax there wasnt very much to do, everyone within my age group drank a lot of alcohol! I remember my teenage years into my early 20s being the most fun part of my life and I never wanted to stop partying ever. It enhanced all the fun times we had with our close friends. As I got older though (I am now 29 and pregnant) I did go out a lot less and it did start to take its toll on me. I still really enjoyed a drink from 20+ but with age could not fight the hangovers off as quickly, with working a full week it can be a bit too tiring. Its very hard replacing the time you spend drinking with other interests.

I became pregnant this December and obviously had to give up drinking. Losing a very close relative did not make this an easy thing as you can often use drink to forget or deal with your problems. I do however now enjoy a red wine from time to time, I could not do this before as red wine would make me sick!
As I have not been able to drink as much I have been encouraged to show interest in other things and find other ways of occupying my mind such as; eating out a lot more, socialising, reading and on line auctions!! Mainly to stop myself going insane with boredom!
Im sure when the baby pops out I will still enjoy a drink but perhaps a little more in moderation.
Being pregnant has changed my outlook on alcohol for the better.

Name: Gina, 29

From: Halifax, West Yorkshire

Lives: Manchester