Landlord, fill that…

Once upon a time, many years ago long after teddy boys became extinct there dwelt upon the planet a new breed of creature by the name of hippies. These new creatures knew only of flowers, love, peace and beer.
It came pass that a goodly number of these creatures would spend their weekends in the far off North in a place called the Lake District in small canvas homes, which they named tents. On early Saturday evenings they were called from their homes in their droves to see ‘the Batman’ on strangely coloured TV’s in local public houses.
On one particular evening a giant of the species standing some 6ft 1” in height and weighing in the region of 16 stone entered such an hostelry lifted his immense gut onto the bar and exclaimed ”Landlord, fill that”.
Name: Patrick
Age: 68
From: Burnley
Lives: Manchester
Drinking habits: Moderate