The Bottomless Glass of Champagne & Wedding Shame

bottomless glass of champagne

In the summer of 2008 my brother and his beautiful wife got married. All of our family and friends were there to celebrate. I’d been running round all day as the ‘best woman’ it was my job to make sure everyone was taken care of. I was looking pretty sharp but didn’t have chance to eat lunch.

The ceremony was conducted at Brompton Oratory and was truly amazing apart from the repeated mention of the bride not being Catholic, and all the talk of god, which isn’t my thing. I wanted a drink. When we arrived at Claridge’s we were handed a glass of champagne. Marvellous, I thought. The chap who was refilling the glasses quickly became my friend.

Well, the dinner was delayed by an hour, and my bottomless glass of champagne never got empty. I’d not drunk much of the stuff before but needless to say it went to my head. At the dinner I’m pretty sure I was telling some hilarious stories, rather loudly, and had a glorious time. Whether people were laughing at me or with me I’ll never know.

When the best man gave his speech I heckled him. Smooth. Then my brother gave a speech and I balled my eyes out, with mascara all down my cheeks, the photographer tried to take a picture of me so I hid under the table. My sister’s boyfriend held me up for the first dance, then hauled me off  and put me to bed.

I’m still embarrassed about it now.

Theresa, 30, Female, Museum Professional

From: Halifax

Lives: London

Drinking Habits: Sober

Every time I watch The Wedding Singer, I’m reminded of that day… although I wasn’t quite that bad.